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Introducing Ablest-eQMS™, a comprehensive electronic Quality Management System (eQMS) powered by 


With Rallis-Daw Consulting, service and support do not have to end when a project is completed. Our Ablest-eQMS™ program allows clients the freedom to focus on maintaining a robust product pipeline or other company objective, unburdened by the intricacies, ever-changing regulatory landscape and manpower required to maintain quality management system compliance.

Through our partnership with Cognidox, Ablest-eQMS™ is a comprehensive electronic quality management system development, implementation and maintenance program, leveraging the extensive technical, regulatory compliance expertise and connections our clients have come to recognize. From documentation and record control to design history files to regulatory submissions and post-market surveillance, Ablest-eQMS™ takes the growing pains out of running your highly regulated organization.


Ablest-eQMS™ offers our clients a revolution in new-technology development. By offloading the creation and compliance worry to our team, clients can focus their efforts towards what really counts – serving their patient population. Existing customers joining the Ablest-eQMS™ program can streamline their existing QMS, while prospective customers can achieve new efficiencies ahead of their next corporate milestones.


How Ablest-eQMS™ Works

1.  The Quality Management System on Your Terms

      Whether you need to migrate an existing QMS, transition the requirements of a single QMS element, or create and        manage an entire quality management system, Ablest-eQMS™ is ready. As you grow, Ablest-eQMS™ scales on            demand to any new business demands.


2.  We put your needs into action

      Rallis-Daw Consulting works with you to accurately meet the demands of your unique quality management system        needs. With existing quality management systems, our comprehensive gap analyses guarantee compliance with          today’s evolving regulatory environment, and our industry-wide involvement brings an eye to the future during                development of new quality management systems and elements. 

3.   We focus on your Quality Management System, you focus on your business

      Once an active Ablest-eQMS™ client, Rallis-Daw Consulting maintains your QMS, functioning with the attention to        detail and focus of a dedicated in-house quality resource, but at a fraction of the expense of a full-time employee.

4.  You pay as you go

     After development and implementation, the quality management system is yours. We treat Ablest-eQMS™ as a             monthly subscription service, and you only pay for the services you use. Add or remove elements and support             services at your desire, whether it’s to meet the needs of a growing company, bring the management of the eQMS         in-house, or simply to directly partner with Cognidox, you own the future of your quality management system with         zero restrictions.

5.  We stand by your side

     Rallis-Daw Consulting prides itself on the combination of current regulatory expertise and technical capability               delivering world-class services for our clients. While an Ablest-QMS™ customer, during transitions to your own             management, and even after that transfer is completed, we will provide audit and technical support for our       contributions to your success.

What you get with Ablest-eQMS™

  •  QMS Creation

  •  Document and Record Control  

  •  Training Management

  •  Design Control

  •  Audit Management

  •  Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA)

  •  Nonconformance Reports

  •  Risk Management

  •  Supplier Management

  •  Regulatory Submission and Intelligence Management

  •  Equipment Management

  •  And much more

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