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  • John Rallis

Unlocking Excellence: Rallis-Daw Consulting's Comprehensive Range of Services

Rallis-Daw Consulting is your trusted partner for a wide array of expert services, designed to elevate your operations across various industries. Our comprehensive offerings span quality management, regulatory compliance, technical services, clinical support, project management, and specialized programs. Our Quality services include QMS/eQMS Implementation and Management, Risk Management, CAPAs, Audit Execution, and Training to ensure that your organization maintains the highest standards of quality and compliance.

For Regulatory needs, we provide expert strategies, prepare and submit submissions, conduct remediation, support compliance management, and assist with the transition to EU MDR and other standards and regulations.

Our Technical Services encompass technical writing, validation, verification and qualification plans, statistical analyses, and sourcing test laboratories.

In Clinical services, we excel at Site Qualification, Site Monitoring, Study Audits, and TMF/eTMF Preparation and Maintenance to help you navigate the intricacies of clinical research.

Our Project Management offerings cover Project Planning, Plan Execution, Resource Allocation, and Management to ensure your projects run smoothly.

Lastly, our specialized programs include Ablest-eQMS™ and Napkin-to-Market™ for a streamlined product development journey as well as providing Mentoring and Internship initiatives to foster talent development and innovation. Rallis-Daw Consulting's services are tailored to meet your unique needs, offering expertise and support at every step of your journey towards excellence, innovation and success.

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